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Hydraulics MB Trac 800MS/Bosch SB7 (New member from Norwegen)
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ZTRAC15 Hydraulics MB Trac 800MS/Bosch SB7 (New member from Norwegen)
Hi, new member here from Norway.

First of all, thanks for a great forum with alot of info on MB Tracs and Unimogs!

Second of all, I`m sorry that this entry is in English, but my German is not so good.

This year I bought a 1981 Mb Trac 800MS, and I think I was really lucky with this Trac since is has been stored inside for most of the time since 1981, and it was in storage for 10-12 years and had little use the last 5 years.

So this 800MS has 1818Hours on the clock and that is all it has driven for the last 37 years!
And very very little rust, about 98% rustfree. (Will post pictures later)

Now to my problem, one of the Bosch SB7 hydraulic units has a broken split-pin on the lever, this is the unit closest to the drivers-seat and the worst to get to.
I have bought a reserve Bosch SB7 just to open and to see how I can take it apart the easiest and correct way, but this is were I need some tips from you guys.

I have taken out the 4 unbraco`s on the top, put the lever all the way back and then I am able to lift the top up 5-6mm and can move it back and fourth, I got a tip that I could do it this was and tilt it and I should be able to get it off.

But after today with some trying, I am thinking that the bottom plate should come off and that the rear valve should be unscrewed and then lift the top out with the two valves, is this right?
I really don`t want to damage the Bosch SB7 in the Trac, that is why I bought another unit to try on first.

If you want to reply in German, that is okay since I am better at reading German, then writing it.

All tips are appreciated!

Greetings from Norway.

[Bild: IMG_20180825_162942%20Large.jpg][Bild: IMG_20180908_135313%20Large.jpg][Bild: IMG_20180823_211236%20Large.jpg]
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